¿What is ANARE?

The National Association of Tugboats of Spain - ANARE- was established in July 1977 and since then it has been fulfilling the objective for which it was created, that is, the representation, management and defense of the common interests of Spanish businessmen. whose activity is the provision of port, maritime, fluvial, rescue, support, etc. towing services, having brought together all the businessmen in the sector since its constitution and is made up of the 33 Spanish tugboat operating companies, which They are all the Spanish companies with a presence throughout the national territory, with a registered tugboat fleet of 183 units, and this, regardless of their presence outside of Spain.

During all these years ANARE's activity has been characterized by having maintained a permanent dialogue with all social, political, economic and union forces, having provided effective solutions and having contributed significantly to the improvement and modernization of the tugboat fleet, operation and consent of the maritime rescue service in Spain.

ANARE's Board of Directors is made up of the following gentlemen:

D. Vicente Boluda Ceballos

Vice President 1º
D. Enrique González Trujeda

Vice President 2º
D. Antonio Bordils Montero

Managing Director
D. Ángel Luis Mato Adrover

D. Francisco Garaygordobil Amorrortu

D. José Antonio Merchán Ruíz

D. Jorge Hernández Almeida
D. Santiago Fernández Marmiesse
D. Julio César Silveira Martín
D. Iñigo García Gorbeña
D. Gustavo Boado Liebing


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